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Results Training was established in 2001 in Budapest to help companies both local and international, meet the growing need for developing their people. Hungary like its regional neighbors has not had a significant tradition in soft skills development especially in the areas of leadership skills, communication and team work. As more and more companies decide to invest in Hungary, Results Training supplies the skills (in a lecture free environment!) that complement the technical know-how employers provide.

Our clients include major multinationals from many sectors including energy, publishing, consumer goods, manufacturing, pharma, hospitality, brewing, chemicals, IT and high tech, retail, B2B and automotive. Our cooperation with our clients also takes place in a wide range of funtions and business units from back office, front staff, sales people and factory supervisors etc. Geographically, our learning and development activities are also very disperse. Significantly, our clients return to Results Training year after year.

The trainers and coaches at Results Training are skilled, multilingual, experienced and very knowledgeable in the field they are active in. While some are psychologists with business experience, others joined Results Training after working in industry. Our trainers are active in many countries depending on the requests of our clients. Their popularity is reflected in the fact that clients request to work with the same individual repeatedly. All of our trainers have spent time in Western Europe or North America either as part of their career or during their education. Perhaps this distinction has contributed in part to our growth.

Regarding our activities, Results Training specializes in three areas in addition to coaching: leadership and supervisory skills development; negotiation and sales skills development and communication.

In the area of leadership, our clients typically turn to Results Training largely when promoting first time leaders. In the absence of a strong legacy of leadership in the region, many individuals are unaware of the needs of modern leadership and management. Our trainers equip participants so that they can be successful for example in the areas of motivation, communication and influence, decision making and conflict management.

Our negotiation skills and sales skills courses focus on helping individuals work with their clients in a collaborative and cooperative way. Whether it is customer service training or negotiation skills training, our trainers strongly believe in fully understanding the needs of clients in order to satisfy their needs and this approach underpins our thinking in our trainings in this area.

Communications skills such as feedbacking programs are focused on supporting individuals as they work together with their clients, peers, supervisors or colleagues. The focus in our communication skills courses is twofold. On the one hand our trainers support individuals in the area of active and effective listening and on the other hand we advise participants on how to persuade, based on the collected information, the other party.

Generally, our trainings use the experiential learning approach. We teach through engagement. Typically, the facilitator will introduce an activity, the participants engage after which a discussion takes place. The learning take place in the debrief when participants have the opportunity to discuss what happened, whether this also happens back at work and how to make changes if the outcome is less than desired.

Regardless of the specific training or coaching, one philosophy is common throughout our corporate education: establishing a positive relationship between two parties is central to reaching results. This is true whether in a negotiation scenario, a conversation between a line manager and a subordinate or between a sales person and his or her client.

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