Sales training

The Results Sales Skills training can support both beginner salespeople and those with years of experience.

Beginners will be provided with the necessary tools and techniques to reach their goals while more advanced salespeople will develop by learning the newest trends in the sector. Additionally, they will be able to practice their skills and be challenged by the trainer to improve their level - and bring them closer to their results.

Our professional trainers are experienced in sales and have are familiar with the daily challenges of the sales people such as:

  • handling objectives: "What makes your product different from all the others?", "I'm satisfied with my current supplier. Why are you better?", "We're busy. No thanks."
  • getting to the decision maker
  • differentiating between features vs. benefits vs. advantages

We build a program based on the needs of the participants gathered through one to one interviews, followed by an exchange of draft outlines until the optimal training program is decided upon.

Sales Training Building Blocks:

Building self confidence through activities, one to one and group advice, feedbacking and analyzing.

Maintianing a client oriented attitude.

9 Persuasion Techniques based on different personality styles.

Professional communication techniques for a sales environment.

"POMPÁS" mixing client orientation, emotional intelligence and goal orientation optimally.

  • Win-win or win-loose, which one really means success?
  • How to approach watertight excuses vs. reasons for not buying
  • The "never mention these words in sales" list
  • The role of personality types in sales
  • The feature vs. benefit distinction
  • SWOT analysis and individual action plans
  • Individual participant needs
  • The LEAD model
  • Sales oriented question asking techniques
  • How to be more than just professional
  • Assertiveness

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