Cultural awareness training

Over the past 10 years and with the increasing criss crossing of borders, the importance of working successfully across cultures has skyrocketed. The interest in this field is based on the fact that different cultures, even within the same organisation, have different approaches to how things get done. The differences between these approaches, or gaps, can spell trouble if they are not properly recognized and understood.

Our Cultural Awareness Training includes the following components:

  • Levels of Culture
  • The Cultural Iceberg
  • The Cultural Roller Coaster and how we may survive it
  • Comparison between Individual culture and target culture

The program, which may be one day or two, using day to day examples from the workplace to demonstrate how cultural gaps may cause trouble if not properly appreciated.

  • How is it that some of my colleagues treat me like friends and others are more distant?
  • Why are some of my colleagues quick to action while others reflect more?
  • How come some of my colleagues prefer majority vote while others consensus when the time comes to make decisions?
  • How can I work when some of my customers (internal or external) don't care about time as much as I do?

These are but a few of the many issues that the Cultural Awareness Training draws attention to. Almost without exception our participants agree that this training can make a difference immediately upon returning to work! This program is also available on a one to one basis.

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