Team building

Results Training understands the many obstacles that prevent teams from becoming effective. Teams, whose importance is often overlooked, may suffer from:

  • Not understanding what goals team members are working toward.
  • Poor chemistry between team members.
  • A failure to agree on how things should be done.
  • Sweeping difficult decisions and divisive issues under the rug.
  • Lack of trust especially when the teams are either remote or virtual.
  • Inability to work with team members from other cultures.

For over 10 years Results Training has been helping teams facing these issues. We've developed a framework regarding how we work with our clients to develop optimal teambuild solutions.

Our cooperation begins with understanding what the needs are of a team. This often takes the shape of one to one interviews with upcoming participants and their supervisors. This approach serves 2 purposes. First it allows us to gather information with which we begin to design a program and; second, generates buy in with the participants who have personally provided their inputs into the event. Our experience has shown that this approach goes a long way to establishing a productive foundation for the program.

Program Design:

The type of program varies greatly with the needs of the team. For the event to have a real "stick" factor back at work after the event, their must first be the right combination of inputs:

  • How much theory vs. how much practice?
  • How many tools and techniques vs. know how and knowledge transfer?
  • How much trainer input vs. interactive, experiential activities?

Results Training will work together with the client sometimes even until the last minute to ensure that an optimal mix of these and other variables is reached. No two events are alike!

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