Train The Trainer

Businesses consistently looking to reduce costs often consider the Results Training Train The Trainer program. Our TTT program provides participants, who have been chosen by their companies to become in house trainers, with the fundamentals in running a training.

  • How to deliver with confidence.
  • Using props and multi media as part of a training.
  • How and what type of training activities should be included.
  • How to prepare for a training including the use of participant prework.
  • Good communication skills that transmit confidence to the group.

These bullet points are but some of the many issues that a Results Training TTT program includes.

Our Approach:

In advance of the TTT event, our trainer will work closely with the future participants to understand what their needs are. The needs of a beginner trainer will likely be different from those of a trainer with 5+ years experience. Our approach and a limited group size can accommodate both levels of experience.

In advance of the event , the trainer will ask the participants to prepare mini trainings on familiar topics. With the presentations in hand, the participants can learn incrementally throughout the 2 days through both trainer inputs as well as experientially. Results Training has found that this combination removes the stress and nervousness and allows an enjoyable learning environment to be created. The practice trainings are recorded for playback within the event. This allows participants to see themselves and specifically their body language in front of a group.

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