As competition between companies continues to grow, so too do the demands on leaders. From supervisors, to team leaders through to upper management everyone needs to raise their game. Results Training is committed to supporting this objective. We work closely together with our clients to develop and carry out leadership skills interventions that match their needs. This can take several shapes:


Our clients sometimes know they need support but aren't yet exactly sure why. Results Training can help businesses identify problem areas using a variety of techniques. Often a simple online survey will provide the clues. In other situations Results Training will carry out thorough, structured one to one interviews with the participants and their supervisors / managers. In yet other circumstances, diagnostic tools such as the COI (Cultural Orientations Indicator), MBTI (Myers Briggs Typology Indicator) or DISC are also used. The results may reflect any of a number of shortcomings: weak decision making skills, poor communication or personal differences among many others. Regardless of the technique, we use the results to generate a draft outline of what shape the training or trainings should take and provide this to the client well in advance of the event. We then work together to refine the draft until the optimal training intervention is produced.


In some cases our clients are looking to support a member of the management who has a specific developmental need. Our ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coaches have helped individuals through one to one sessions typically lasting 12 weeks. Their needs included decision making, motivating their subordinates, communicating more effectively and giving presentations to name just a few.


Our training programs consist of 10 to 12 individuals typically from the same team or the same part of the business. After the diagnosis phases (interview, survey or questionnaire) has revealed where the team needs to improve, Results Training sets to work to identify activities. Experiential trainings is at the essence of how we work.

Our experience demonstrates over and over again that through hands on, interactive trainings participants walk leave the event having learnt a great deal under very enjoyable circumstances. This is the ideal combination that we strive for.

The activities themselves depend on the needs of the group. There are activities that help participants in sharing information, other activities that support being assertive and proactive and yet others that drive home the importance of trust and support for colleagues. While the one off training can provide tangible learning that can begin to be engaged immediately back at the office, another scenario involves a follow up event where participants can share issues or raise concerns regarding the tools and techniques taught in the first event.

Our trainings typically take place offsite at a hotel, restaurant with meeting rooms, a riverside, a safe parking lot or even simply in a nearby park. Our trainers know how to make the best of the environment whichever shape this may take.


Often our clients require a combination of interventions which reflects the diversity of their needs. Based on the outcome during the diagnosis stage, we can put forward a combination including self learning (becoming familiar with material which we provide), coaching and training. One intervention for an American controls company had participants do a residential offsite teambuild which was followed by one to one coaching.

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