Customer service

Most people can come up with at least one customer service disaster story where poor customer service skills left them dissatisfied, dissapointed or even angry. Results Training is at the front line of the effort to improve the level of customer service and boost sales.

Our technique is based on turning the table around and putting the salesperson or customer service provider (CSR) on the receiving end of poor service. The benefits of this are two fold. First: to force participants to realize how poor customer service and sales skills can leave a bad feeling on the side of the customer and, second, to support participants in helping boost their results and, their companies, the bottom line.

What is happening when service goes wrong? Often customer service failures fall under one of the following:

  • Is it that the CSR or salesperson has not recognised a different personality and cannot work successfully?
  • Is it that the CSR or salesperson is not able to distinguish between an excuse and a reason?
  • Possibly, the distinction has not been made between a Feature, an Advantage and a Benefit.
  • Maybe the cultural differences are not being included as the CSR or salesperson attempts to work with customers from different culturals.
  • Is it that the Sales Process has not been clearly delineated making it difficult for the sales person to know what is required at each stage and how to acquire it.

While there are many other gaps that may exist in the picture, these are some of the larger issues that exist.

Our techniques are designed so that the CSR or salesperson see and feel what the impact of weak and strong customer service is. For this our trainers will often use pull and push questions, simulations, case studies, role plays and videos to ensure that a pedagogic learning environment is established. Our clients appreciate the way our trainings combine our western approach with the local cultural needs for best effect.

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