Negotiation skills

Tied tightly to a company's overall sales program is its ability to Negotiate effectively. Results Training provides a 2 day Negotiations Skills course for Negotiators be they connected with suppliers, customers or even with internal customers. The course provides basic Negotiating Skills such as:

  • The important role of preparation
  • Establishing a chemistry between the parties
  • Understanding the needs of other party (reading between the lines)
  • Appreciating the importance of the Win Win outcome and
  • Discovery Process in which possible outcomes are generated

as well as more advanced concepts:

  • How to get the upper hand
  • Advanced Negotiating tactics
  • Engaging conditions effectively
  • Leveraging options

The course makes use of a variety of training techniques. Results Training uses a precourse questionnaire to assess what exactly are the expectations of the participants based on their specific needs. The information this prework generates is used to help develop a programme with the right amount and type of hands on Negotiation scenarios be they group negotiations, one to one, over the phone or even across cultures.

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