Presentation skills

For even the experienced presenter delivering effective presentations can be challenging.

  • Which side of the screen or flipchart should I stand on?
  • How can I become less nervous?
  • How long should I speak for?
  • What should a good power point slide look like?
  • How can I structure my presentation for good effect?

These are but a few of the many issues that Results Training confront in our Presentation Skills training.

Our Approach:

The Presentation Skills course consists of 2 days divided by at least one week. The first day is devoted to surfacing what some of the key points behind a successful presentation:

  • How to prepare a presentation in advance.
  • Public speaking techniques that reduce stress on the presenter.
  • Using props and powerpoints correctly.
  • Handling difficult people and difficult situations.
  • Maintaining a high level of interest and energy in the audience.

Our trainers will demonstrate to the participants (ideal size: 5 participants) each of the components above as well as many others during the first day.

The second day is devoted to practice. The participants will have prepared in advance 2 25 minute presentations which they will deliver to the rest of the group. With the feedback of the trainer and the other participants, presenters will receive feedback comment sheets following their presentations. As we believe strongly in learning through experiences, we encourage the participants to incorporate the feedback into their next delivery. Additionally, the presentations are videotaped digitally so that feedback can also be provided on the non verbal communication. Each participant is given a copy of his or her presentations as a souvenir and learning tool for the future.

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